A Rank and File in Cosmetic Surgery


While cosmetic surgery is mostly elective, there is a trend of typical works being done that are piled up in the patients’ list of preferences. With a list published, it shows that most are for cosmetic, and prophylactic purposes. Cases lean towards female clients

Five most common types of cosmetic surgeries done in the US not necessarily in order:

  1. Lipoplasty– or liposuction that involves removal of fat from the thighs, belly, upper arms and buttocks. It is considered a very simple procedure that targets fat which can be hard to work on a physical exercise. The surgeon normally cut an incision where he vacuums the fat out. However there are advances to this procedure where one elects not to have the fat out but is melted via laser and the fat is disposed of naturally or with an incision. This makes the surgery fit for those who are afraid of complications, having an incision and of its aftermath like swelling.
  2. Breast Implants – they could either be under the muscle or over the muscle. It can also be silicon or saline implants. Most doctors prefer over the muscle for a more natural look. This however poses a challenge to those who have less muscles in the area. Doctors feel that the over the muscle implant gives a skinnier and will shaped look.
  3. injection in the eyebrow_cosmetic-surgeryEyelid removal commonly called bipharoplasty. This takes care of the skin around the eyes that is normally the effect of aging. It can also take care of eye bags. The unwanted skin and fat is gotten rid of commands a price depending how much fat, amount of skin and part of the body being worked on.
  4. Rhinoplasty– or a nose job. It aims to reshape the human nose by having the surgeon move to work on the cartilage bone and the skin around the nose. A sculpturing sort of commonly done on the nose. It aims to improve size and shape for the nose.
  5. Facelift– Iike breasts surgery, is the traditional procedure often associated with plastic surgery. It is no surprise that cosmetic procedures known to many are either breasts or a facelift. This is often referred to as rhitidoctemy, aimed at removing wrinkles and fatty tissues on the face, and then pulling the skin up towards the scalp. Most effects are seen on the face with a noticeable squinting and pulling of the eyes like a slit sideways.