Brachioplasty (arm lift surgery)

Upper arm lift

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If you are a plus size woman, you must have experienced that awkward moment when you want to wave but you feel jelly like movements in upper arm. There are fat deposits in the upper arm which are difficult to tone or remove. The only solution is usually to undergo upper arm lift.

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Why upper arm lift?

This cosmetic procedure helps to tone the upper arm and get rid of excess fat deposits. This helps to eliminate the bat-wing syndrome that is associated with the condition. Particularly, this condition is associated with the lower side of the upper arm.

What makes upper arm skin worse?

This condition is worsened by age as the skin will droop under the loss of elasticity in the skin.  Extensive loss of weight is yet another cause for this condition, not forgetting the lymphedema, a condition which will affect the upper arms.

Can exercise help alleviate the condition?

Exercise does play an important role in improving the tone of the muscles there. Unfortunately, this may not help to restore the elasticity of the skin that has been lost.

Is upper arm lift necessary?

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For some people, it means a lot to them especially if they want to look good. However, it is not a must that you undergo the procedure as there are other cheaper options like changing your lifestyle or even learning to appreciate the appearance of the upper arms and living with it.

What to expect

You may incur a scar during the procedure which may be permanent.

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