Some Secrets behind Cosmetic Dentistry

top cosmetic dentistry sydneyWhat is a secret?

Everybody have secrets. We simply can’t avoid it. There are things that we better keep by ourselves. They sometimes call it white lies. It is not telling the truth to save someone or something. No need to worry if you don’t know anything; just leave as it is. Can you believe that there are secrets behind cosmetic dentistry? Well, let’s find out then.

Secrets behind Cosmetic Dentistry

top dental veneers in parramattaYou may want to know some secrets behind cosmetic dentistry before having one. Your dentist will not tell you this to avoid any worries. Do you know that there is no dentist specialty that called cosmetic dentistry? General dentist can be cosmetic dentist and can perform cosmetic dentistry. They just resisted that it is their specialty and only patients will know who are qualified to do the job. Advance training is great to have excellent cosmetic dentistry. The dentist will know advance techniques to have successful procedures. The truth is; not all dentists have undergone advance training. They just assumed it. It is true that experiences will teach us a lot. What if the dentist is lacking experiences? Are you ready to plunk down your hard earned money for unsure treatment? The sad part is your dentist may not tell you this. It is a secret.

A dentist have advance training should have credentials from AACD or American Academy for Cosmetic Dentistry. Are you aware that only 53 dentist are holding highest credentials out of 350 dentist and dental technicians? There are cases that your dentist is using non certified laboratory. Of course, your dentist may not tell you this. Most dental equipments are surprisingly expensive. That is why some dentist is buying cheap and foreign dental equipments to save money. They also found that some dental materials used from foreign countries are cheaper. That is the reason why they import materials from other countries. You should be aware of these.

Cost & Material used

dentistry-costYou will know the quality of used materials and better ask your dentist about it. Again, your dentist may not tell you this. Do you know that using porcelain veneers placed on your teeth are dangerous? It is true that porcelain veneers are beautiful. They can make your damaged teeth beautiful but there are risks that you should know. It is not true that veneers will last forever. As time passed by, veneers will damaged or worn down. Replacing veneers is very inconvenience, will cost more and such a pain. You will have teeth sensitivity after having veneers.

During the procedure, the dentist will reduce or take off some part of your teeth before bonding veneers. This will cause trauma. Veneers that are imperfectly placed in teeth can affect your speaking ability and unsatisfying looks. Cosmetic dentistry is always expensive. Some dentist that are asking cheaper payment may not be experienced enough or may not using a first class laboratory and equipments. Beware! Having cheap dentists may be very expensive too if the result is not good. You may need to do it again with experienced and excellent dentist.