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Is Plastic Surgery Safe

cosmetic-fillersDid you know that most affluent individuals in the western world will often have some type of cosmetic surgery in their lifetime. The types of cosmetic procedures that will often be considered are breast implants, lipo, facelift, and fillers.

Breast implants types
The breast implants as we know them are the prosthetics which are artificially inserted in the breasts .the silicone and the saline ones are the most common. The former is made from gel or solid form that is very similar to plastic as we know it.
The latter is generally sterile water which is put is some special casing and then inserted inside the breasts.
Silicone is the more popular of the two, though one will find that each of the two has own advantages and disadvantages. For instance, one will find that the silicone one id firmer since it comes in a gel or solid form as described above.

On the other hand, one will find that the saline one has a solution that will be absorbed into the body harmlessly in case of the rupture. This would not be the case with the silicone whereby surgery has to be done to remove it. One should be familiar with the merits and demerits of each before settling on either.
In view of the above, one should also explore the other options available as far as the breast implants are concerned .For instance, there are the soft and cohesive silicone gels,polyurethane,Pip implants and so one.
All the above breast implants have been made available so that all the patients can choose the ones that one is most suited for. Before one chooses any of the breast implants as mentioned, one should have the input of the surgeon as well.

Facelift Enhancements

At a certain age we all will start to see signs of aging. The most obvious signs of facelift-plastic-surgeryaging are on the face. The aging process is quite disturbing to most of us that desire to stay young. The are many non surgical things that can be done to help maintain ones youthful appearance on the face.

The facial creams and lotions can help preserve the skin on your face to some extent but for some people it is not enough and more invasive procedures need to be considered. Face life surgery is very effective way to improve the tightness of your face. The most obvious sign of aging on the face is with wrinkles. Facelift surgery will remove these and leaves the face tight and wrinkle free.

There are many places you can learn more about face lift surgery and below are links that you should check out to learn more –




Labiaplasty post surgery

Labiaplasty Sydney

Recovering from labiaplasty

By definition, labiaplasty refers to the reduction in the size of labia majora or labia minora so that the aesthetic and function of vagina is enhanced. The labia minora is the inner folding where the vagina opens up. Its outer part is what is known as labia majora. Labiaplasty focuses on both but more so with the labia minora. After the operation, the aspect of recovery comes to life and hence important to be given some coverage.

Labiaplasty is an outpatient operation

It is important to have this in mind. Unlike some other operations where you have to spend some time in the hospital, with labiaplasty, this is a day’s job with a downtime of 4 hours. These are the number of hours that you will stay in the hospital after the operation for closer observation before you are discharged. During these 4 hours, the general anaesthesia will wear off and you will be discharged. If the operation was simple, you may even release to go home in less than one hour. Locate a professional labiaplasty specialist in your area now – http://labiaplasty-sydney.com.au/

Side effects

As the local anaesthesia clears, you will experience some form of discomfort and pain. In case of infection, the doctor should be able to administer some antibiotics. To reduce the pain, you will need painkillers.

What to do in the first 48 hours

Two days after being discharged, you will need some rest. During this recovery period, you will need to continue taking the antibiotics and painkillers given to you. At this point, you should not engage in any vigorous physical activity. To control discharge of fluid or blood oozing from the wound, a maxipad or a napkin may come handy. It is not advisable to weight tight fitting innerwear at this point. Instead, you should wear loose pants, boxers and skirts until the wound has healed.

Cleaning the wound

This is usually tricky as you will need to be careful not to infect yourself. Some special baths like sitz bath. This should be carefully done, ensuring that no rubbing is done on the wound. If you see any discharge coming out, use a clean cloth to dab the wound and wipe it off.


Sometimes the wound may swell, requiring that that you take some post-operative measures to keep it down. An ice pack may just be what you need to control the possible swelling.

2-4 weeks recovery time

Around this time, substantial part of healing has taken place. This means that you may be able to resume work, though you may need to be careful not to do hard work that may exert pressure on the area. Lifting heavy things, swimming, bending several times among others are some of the things the doctor may advise you against. Check out the latest post & pre operating photos, read the latest reviews and more – http://labiaplasty-sydney.com.au/

What to avoid

Sex is still not advisable at this point of recovery; neither should use sanitary pads, save for oestrogen cream that you may be given at the time of leaving hospital.

6-8 week recovery time

At this point and time, you can resume your normal sexual activity, vigorous work and use of tampons. Virtually most of the things that you were not to do at 2-4 weeks can now be done. Stretching of the vagina may be advised at this time.

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