What are Dental Implants?

This article will give you some information about the dental implants.

Why dental implants?

We are becoming a lot more beauty conscious than ever. This is why new cosmetic products are released in the market every day. One particular area where everyone takes utmost care is about his or her beauty is the teeth. If the teeth are not looking properly, that will be the worst case scenario for a beauty obsessed person. Dental implants are the best solution for these problems. Not sure if the dental implant is for you? Find a qualified cosmetic specialist at Parramatta dentist to learn more about the reasons why dental implant is for you.

Missing tooth: problems and solutions

People may have a missing tooth due to various reasons. Due to accident or some health reasons they may lose a tooth. What happens as a result is that, you will find some problem with your pronunciation. This will give a really bad impression about you. Another problem is that some other tooth will shift and get dispositions due to the gap created by the missing tooth. This will create not only health problems but also give you a bad look. A gap itself will give you a bad look. If one tooth is shifted to this gap, then it will give you a worse look. Another point is that it will affect your chewing which will create further troubles. The smile of a person missing a tooth won’t be the nicest of the smiles. Thus there are a lot of troubles for all of which dental implants are the best solution.

What is really a dental implant?

A dental implant is an artificial mechanism that can be used to look like a normal tooth or teeth. It has mainly three parts. The first part is the implant which is in most cases made up of titanium. What is important about the implant is that it should be compatible with our body. The implant is fixed to the upper or lower jaw. To connect this implant with the crown, there should be an abutment which acts as a screw to fix the crown to the implant. The third part is known as the crown which will be fit to the implant. This will be an alloy of some metals. It can also be made of porcelain. This will look like a tooth. For more information, check out this website at – http://www.cosmeticimplantdentistry.com.au/

What are they meant for?

The dental implants are a permanent solution for your teeth problems. If you have a missing tooth or teeth, you can use the dental implants. This is the most common reason why the dental implants are being used. For the same purpose, you can use bridges or removable dentures also, but dental implants are getting more popular than any of these things due to different reasons even though they are costlier. This will close the gap between the teeth and give you a better look.

The procedure of fixing the dental implants

First of all, the implant should be fixed to the jaw bone. This requires the service of a specialist. For this, a hole should be made in the upper or lower jaw bone. It is necessary that there is sufficient space in the jaw bone. Otherwise, this cannot be done. The second step is to insert a screw. This is meant to prevent the gum tissue or debris entering to the implant. The third step is to fix the crown or cap in the implant. The crown should match with the size, shape, and the color of the other teeth.