What is circumferential abdominoplasty/Tummy Tuck?


Excess skin or what is known as laxity in the skin is a common problem facing people. It is not a one or two dimensional issue but a three dimensional one. In other words, you will have the problem extending all the way to the back of the body. This procedure is therefore done so that excess fat and skin can be removed in order to attain a lean figure with fine contours. It is not limited to the belly but other areas such as the hip.

How is circumferential abdominoplasty different from the normal tummy tuck?

It is notable that this procedure is more invasive and requires more surgery than the conventional one.

Who requires circumferential abdominoplasty?

Most patients of this procedure have lost significant weight after undergoing some other surgeries such as bariatric surgery. This latter surgery causes the skin to become loose, hence sagging under its own weight. Learn more about abdominoplasty cost in Sydney and get the best tummy tuck surgery results today.

How it is done

Once you are booked for this surgery, the surgeon will make some incisions on the waistline going all the way round it. Then, the excess fat is removed before the muscles are made tight. If the buttocks and the outer thighs have been affected, the surgeon will carry out the lifting procedure on them. If there is need for a new navel, the surgeon will create one. Remember that the navel is affected during the tummy tuck procedure, hence the need to create a new opening.

Do I qualify for circumferential tummy tuck?

Apart from the point mentioned above on the requirement, you will need to have substantial amount of fat in your mid-area. If the fat is not much, partial tummy tuck will suffice. The candidates of circumferential tummy tuck have excess fat and skin all round which has resisted every attempt to get rid of them. If afterwards you lose massive amounts of weight, the loose skin in your mid section may need to be removed. Since the problem is not only manifested on the front party, the surgeon will extend the removal all way round in the waistline. The same can be said if the regions affected are the outer thighs or the buttocks. Arrange a FREE tummy tuck consultation at our Tummy tuck Sydney clinic at – tummytuck-sydney.com.au

It should however be made clear that this tummy tuck procedure is not for obese persons but those who have already reformed through diet and exercise, only that they now have loose skin that needs to be made tight.

Recovering from circumferential tummy tuck

After the procedure which takes anything between 3 and 5 hours, your recovery journey begins. Since the procedure is extensive, it means that you will have to endure long recovery journey. You may stay in hospital for up to 4 days whilst recuperating.

While recuperating, tubes will be inserted in the incision areas to drain fluids. These tubes usually stay in place for around 14 days before being removed. During this period, you will be asked not to take a shower as this could interfere with the tubes. Swelling and bruising should be expected, so you may ask for pain killers to help reduce pain. Check out your nearest plastic surgeon to learn more about circumferential abdominoplasty cost and etc!