Why women have breast augmentation

Breast-implant-sydneyWomen have since time immemorial sought to be appealing to their male counterparts. In particular, breasts mean a lot to women; they define their feminism. This brings us to the question: Why do women seek breast augmentation? Breast Augmentation defined Breast augmentation, breast enlargement or augmentation mammaplasty are terms used to describe the surgical processes aimed at improving the size, shape, volume texture and the general condition of women breasts.

This is usually done by a qualified plastic surgeon. Now back to our question. Women have over the years found compelling reasons (I presume so) to undergo breast augmentation. Let us look at each of the reasons fronted. Lose of the Figure after Childbirth Pregnancy and eventual childbirth brings with them loss of the lithe, youthful figure women had before. Notably, the breasts enlarge to support breastfeeding .Breasts become elastic and sag under their increased weight.

Breast surgery and breast cancer

breast augmentation before and afterThis gives an unsightly appearance, occasioning breast augmentation in order to restore them to their former condition. Post Breast Cancer After breast cancer, mastectomy may to a large extent affect the appearance of woman’s upper part of the body.They hollowness where the breasts used to be can be traumatizing to a woman. Breast augmentation seems to be the only solution in restoring their confidence after the loss of their breasts. Appearance matters Away from matters of cancer and mastectomy, some women find confidence in having fuller breasts. [Read more here: Breast Augmentation can cause delay to breast cancer survival females.]

They fancy the looks in women like Dolly Parton with huge busts, thanks to silicone breast implants. Women value their appearance and if such a surgical procedure would such restore it, then by any means they would go for it. I may wish to point out here that it is important to consult a physician to advice on the procedure and other available options. Weight Loss Some lifestyle issues may lead to a sudden weight loss. This leads to women boobs hanging on nothing. The appearance of shriveled breasts may be a source of disappointment to many a women. Breast augmentation helps to restore the volume of the breasts. Male Gender Preferences There are always stories doing round (some confirmed through research anyway) that men prefer women with large breasts.

Why decent-sized breasts are attractive?

breast---implants for womenSome have been cited saying that poor or hungry have a preference for women with large busts (read large breasts).On the contrary, wealthy men prefer smaller breasts. Either way, men seems to set the debate in motion as the ideal breasts. This only fuels women to seek breast augmentation in a bid to fit somewhere in between. Personal Preference Some women will go for breast augmentation regardless of the condition of their breasts. To some extent, it’s personal preference driven by ones financial ability to undergo plastic surgery. It all boils down to financial freedom that leaves out poor women with inability to afford the corrective surgery.

Sportswomen Women have increasingly thronged into gyms and sporting activities either as a career or to keep fit. Large breasts may stand in the way for such activities and may therefore motivate women to seek breast augmentation. Asymmetrical Breasts Some women have a genetic predisposition to having asymmetrical breasts- one breast being larger than the other. As a result, they may seek breast augmentation as a way of correcting the anomaly to acquire symmetry in both breasts.